it’s ALMOST Chrihhmasss

Heeeeey yall, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! If you know me then you know about my auntie Tasha's daycare, Little Bears Daycare. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see then and spend as much time with them as I use too. My aunt always has them doing crafts and fun activities. This year they made Christmas cards and... Continue Reading →


Sexual Orientation in Children/Suicide

Heeeeeey y'all, First of all this blog doesn't count because this is by request. I posted on my Instagram the feed back I had received from a presentation in my English class. After posting it I got several messages and DMs like dam I'm intrigued where's the presentation. So, here goes. I will post the... Continue Reading →

Never alone

Many people are afraid of their own feelings. Sadly, too many of us can relate to this. I chose to share this specific poem from my book because it has impacted so many people. Men and women, old and young have reached out to me expressing their truths. It’s not always easy to voice yourself,... Continue Reading →

You ARE Loved

Hellllllllo Tuesday! Omg! So much has been going on in my life it’s crazy. Everything you could think about going wrong in your life is what has been going on with me. BUT I will not sit here and complain about it. I asked for this because I want to better myself mentally and physically.... Continue Reading →

Break up

Lonely Simplest way to explain right now Sad Simplest way to feel right now A broken heart that healed to be broke again To be tainted Tarnished Worn out To be faulted To be failed No where to go No where to hide No where to be Just me Lonely Words said out loud don't... Continue Reading →

Back to School

Happy Monday And Hello Fall semester. I’m sure we are all ecstatic to be back in school. And I mean that in the most sarcastic manner possible. First of all Happy Birthday to my Mother(August16th), I wont put her age she might kill me because let her tell it shes only 26.  This week I... Continue Reading →

25 and blossoming …

Happy Tuesday Everyone! So much to talk about and catch up on this week. Sorry for the delay and thank you all for being patient with me. This week I will talk about: 1. My birthday 2. Book update 3. My new book/poem 4. Question I was asked 5. Sneaker Con On July 6th I... Continue Reading →


Happy Tuesday! And Hello Summer (shoutout to my fellow Cancers, it’s our turn) First, I would like to apologize formally for the delay. There has honestly been so much going on with me, every time I sat myself down to write I could not. Typically, with a lot of stress I get writers block. Or... Continue Reading →

Circle of Life

You get what you give. You might not see it or believe it now but everything in the dark comes to light. Any foul play Karma steps in and shines bright. The choice is yours, choose your fate or count your losses. It all comes full circle. -Sekaí

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